Technical Program Topics

A Advances in Analysis Techniques
A.1 Electromagnetic Modeling
A.2 InSAR and High Resolution SAR
A.4 Bistatic SAR
A.5 High Resolution Optical Sensing
A.6 Hyperspectral Sensing
A.7 Image Processing
A.8 Information Extraction
A.9 Geographic Information Science
A.10 Others
L Land
L.1 Land Use and Land Cover Change
L.2 Soils and Soil Moisture
L.3 Forests and Vegetation
L.4 Land Ice and Snow
L.5 Wetlands and Inland Waters
L.6 Natural Disaster/Land slide
L.7 Others
M Atmosphere
M.1 Precipitation and Clouds
M.2 Weather Prediction and Data Assimilation ??
M.3 Atmospheric Sounding
M.4 Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry
M.5 Others
O Oceans
O.1 Ocean Biology (Color) and Water Quality
O.2 Ocean Surface Winds and Currents
O.3 Ocean Temperature and Salinity
O.4 Ocean Altimetry
O.5 Sea Ice
O.6 Others
E Environmental Applications
E.1 Subsurface Sensing / Ground Penetrating Radar
E.2 Urban and Built Environment
E.3 Coastal and Wetlands
E.4 Pollution and Contamination
E.5 Geology and Solid Earth
E.6 Agroecosystems
E.7 Others
S Sensors and Platforms
S.1 SAR Instruments, Missions and Calibration
S.2 Active Microwave
S.3 Radiometer Instruments and Calibration
S.4 Lidar Sensors
S.5 Passive Optical and Hyperspectral Sensors
S.6 UAV and Airborne Platforms
S.7 Ground-Based Systems
S.8 Others
D Data Management, Dissemination, Education and Policy
D.1 Data Management and Systems
D.2 Remote Sensing Data and Policy Decisions
D.3 Education and Remote Sensing
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